Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines and Strawberries

My day was so busy, but I was determined NOT to miss a photo day! (Considering I started today...haha) Tonight, Donovan had to address Valentines to all of his friends. I completely underestimated his attention to detail. Every single Valentine had to be perfectly selected for the proper classmate. At one point, I said, "Donovan...this is NOT rocket science...just pick one!" You know what he said??
"MOM! I know it is not rocket science, but I have to make sure the Valentine SAYS, like, something I would say in real life!"
Should I be worried about the two little girls for whom he chose, "You have my Heart!" Hmmm...he is only seven!
Anyway, here is Donovan-writing out his Valentines-with Patrick over his shoulder. Patrick said, "Is that one for me???" EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And when the very last one Donovan did was for him, he walked around beaming. Such a little love, that Patchy!
And just because they look so can you not love this time of year? (and YES, I did make this!)

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