Sunday, February 20, 2011


Matilda is turning into such a big girl...she went to Sunday school with Patrick today instead of coming with Tim and me! The class is three and four year olds, but she didn't mind. She barely gave me a second look when I walked away. I'm not going to lie; I was one point during church, after I had glanced at the door for the 17th time, Tim said, "Oh my gosh, stop it! You are making me nuts and she is FINE!" I knew he was right, but I couldn't help it. She is my baby...our last baby...and I am not ready for her to be so big and independent. Sometimes I think she really is more independent than either of the boys were at her age. Maybe that is what happens when you're number three...? She is the sweetest thing-always saying please and thank you. She is so excitable and happy. I just really love being her mom.
And as you MIGHT be able to tell from this picture, Tim is pretty thrilled about being her Daddy:

For the record, she did wonderfully without us this morning. She participated with the other kids, sat in circle time, and folded her hands when they prayed. One of the teachers said she couldn't believe she isn't even two yet.
And finally...I wanted to leave you with a little musical number from our girl, but it just won't load properly. I'll put it on Facebook instead!

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