Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines

I love Valentine's Day. Actually, I love all of the silly holidays...St. Patricks, Halloween,'s a reason to just do things with a little bit more fun! We started off with a special Valentine Breakfast..complete with some small treats and a festive tablecloth!

Cinnamon raisin bagels with strawberry cream cheese, cottage cheese, strawberries drizzled with chocolate, and a mini powdered doughnut.

Matilda's hair gets a little crazy in the morning...

My kids are totally nuts about cottage cheese. You should have seen Tim's face the night Donovan finished his dinner, asked what we could have for dessert, and then cheered when I said, "Cottage cheese?" All three of was hilarious.
Then they opened some singing cards from their Mom-mom and Pop-pop. Always a hit!! Matilda's was a recordable card and she couldn't quite figure out how she was hearing her Mom-mom and Pop-pop...the face says it all!
Then Donovan went to school...not before I made him pose!

And then Patchy and I took some pictures to make into lollipop cards! A special thanks to a friend for passing along the idea!
Punching pic:

Which we printed at Target and turned into these:
I think his preschool friends will be impressed tomorrow! His daddy sure was when he got one at dinner!
And then Matilda did finally allow me to tame the crazy hair...see how cute??
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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