Monday, February 21, 2011

Guess We Can't Call Him Biebs Anymore....

I had a lot of kids in my care today!! Five kids ages 7, 5, 3, 1, and 10 months...digest that for a moment. No, really...take that in for a minute. I'll even give you a visual...

(Donovan, 7; Tyler, 5; Patrick, 3; Matilda, 1; Jake, 10 you can plainly see, Matilda was NOT into being made to pose!)

Okay, so it actually was fact, the older two hardly ever get to see each other, so they occupied one another pretty well. Unfortunately, Patrick was the odd man out a few times and he took it pretty hard. BEING a younger sibling myself, I can appreciate his pain. For the most part they were all very good. Had to pry the Nintendo DS away from the big boys...and then the Wii...but once I got them thinking about things other than video games, they amused themselves with games of superheroes. Donovan even took a few minutes to read to Tyler and Patch!

And then Matilda made funny faces...

And Jakey made super cute faces:

And then we did craft/art time

And later, Mom-mom and Pop-pop made a quick visit on their way to drop something off to Tim...and Matilda pretended to sleep.

And then Donovan got a haircut-

I'll admit to being a little sad...we can't call him "Biebs" anymore without his Justin Bieber hair! So sad! BUT APPARENTLY...Justin B. cut HIS famous hair today, too!
And now it's time to relax! Hopefully Tim will be home by 8 tonight...starting a business is hard work!

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