Friday, February 18, 2011

Just the kids...

Matilda is nearly two and won't stop sucking on her wrist. She gets very angry if I tell her to stop...that is why she looks so displeased in this picture! I'm not really sure how you break a kid of something like this. Neither of the boys sucked their thumbs...none of them took a pacifier...I don't know. I guess I am hoping she outgrows it on her own!

And then there is Patchy...What? Your kids don't watch TV while wearing a motorcycle helmet? And no pants? Afternoons are pretty much always pants-free for Patch. He just likes it that way, and since we're usually home...I figure there is no harm.

And besides that, he is just so darn cute!

Check out this face:

I love that kid!
And this one, too:
I made Chicken Parmesan last night and now wonder why I never made it before?? It is easy and delicious, and best of all, the kids loved it!
We've had a busy week and we are gearing up for a busy weekend...Goodnight!


  1. You could dip her thumbs in something, like pickle juice or vinegar, that she wouldn't like the taste of. Or, have Donovan start mocking her for it. Sibling teasing goes a long way, I think, though I wouldn't know yet.

  2. Oh, I reread. Wrists not thumbs. Still, you could use a Q-tip to rub some vinegar on her wrists. Vinegar works for everything, remember?

  3. Pachy is such a HAM!!
    could that kid get any cuter??