Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Week in Review!

So if I TAKE a picture every day, but don't actually POST them every day, does it still count?  Yes?  Oh, good!
This week I made these delicious pretzels...for Tim to take to a doctor's office as a thank you-

 Who needs flowers, really??  That is a pretzel bouquet!
And then Matilda strutted her stuff in this lovely tutu....
 And got delightful kisses from her biggest brother...
 And then on Wednesday, we watched this pretty girl...the smile is deceptive as she isn't very happy without her Mommy or Daddy here, but Donovan worked his magic and she was very agreeable for most of the evening!
 And to wish her cousin Bon Voyage to Disney, Matilda was rockin' the Minnie bow and shirt.  Take a goood looong look because I will admit it-I HATE character stuff.  Rarely (unless they pick it!) will you see any of my kids in character-anything other than PJs.
 And MR. HANDSOME Patchy got some new specs!
Next post...the saga of my van!  I bet you can't wait?!

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